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Batch File Selector | Bulk Rename | File Manager 1.10.0

Batch File Selector File ManagerFile Explorer Premium

معلومات عامة
اسمBatch File Selector | Bulk Rename | File Manager
يتطلبAndroid 5.0+

A tool that manage large amount of files efficiently and easily.

What is this ?
A file manager that provide different ways to select the file, with below features:
1. Select Mode
- Single
- Multiple
2. Select Option
- Select All
- Select None
- Invert Selection
- Select Custom - Number
- Select Custom - Name (paid feature)
- Select Custom - Date (paid feature)

Why you need this ?
There are many file manager on the market, but most of them only can select files one by one. This app let you select multiple files easily.

Q1: Where is my activation code ?
A1: After an in-app purchase, a dialog will appear asking you to enter an email address to receive the activation code. After that, the app will be automatically upgraded to premium version. If you missed the dialog asking for your email address, go to "Settings" page --> Click "Upgrade to premium version" --> Click "Yes, please". If the purchase is detected successfully, the dialog will be displayed again.
* If you did not receive the email, please check spam / junk mail box
* The code will be used when reinstalling the app
* Each code can only be activated on one device

*** Important ***
1. Tested on Android 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
2. This application has been extensively tested. Despite that, we will not be responsible for any data loss or damage.

الميزات الجديدة

► 1.12.0 , 1.12.1
1. Added "Sort by select order" for advanced rename
2. App optimized
3. Bug fixed

► 1.11.0
1. UI of "Select Custom" improved
2. Added trial of "Select Custom" advanced feature
3. App optimized
4. Bug fixed

► 1.10.0
1. Behavior and UI of "Task" improved
2. App optimized
3. Bug fixed

► 1.9.0
1. Added advanced rename feature (experimental)
2. App optimized
3. Bug fixed

► 1.8.0
1. Bookmark of file allowed
2. App optimized
3. Bug fixed

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