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اسم Death Idle Tycoon - Money Management Clicker Games
حزمة com.generagames.deathtycoon
يتطلب Android 5.0
وضع اللعبة OFFLINE

Hey tycoon! Build a food empire and become a rich idle tycoon!

Start with a small business in the dead kingdom, then open more franchises all over the underworld and improve them to earn more and more profit stand earnings! Use your business techniques in this clicker games!

Improve your franchises with your earnings and your cash! In this addictive clicker games you will travel around the underworld expanding your food empire! If you want to be the idle tycoons & richest manager, your clients should buy more! Manage the store and improve your food trucks, you’ll see how your earnings will rocket in our clicker games!

Besides these, you can get some upgrades for your tycoon empire! You can have x2 times your current earnings while you’re away, x2 in your idle incomes, your business upgrades costs 5% less, your food stands get incomes 10% faster or even x2 fame when you open a new franchise!

Learn new recipes to earn more idle earnings and become an idle tycoon and manage your empire in clicker games!

You can earn more money doing the daily quests, complete them in this idle tycoon games. Moreover, you’ll also be rewarded if you complete the different achievements for every stand.

If you like idle tycoon games mixing with clicker games, you’ll love it! Death Tycoons Inc is really easy to play! You just have to run your business and manage your empire in order to create more and more profits in this game! Learn more recipes until you reach the most profitable stand! Discover new cards, earn cash as fast as you can and become a rich tycoon!

Features of Death Idle Tycoon Inc:

- This is a mix of a clicker and idle tycoon games. Besides it is really easy to play! Earn money with your business, and learn more recipes to get more profits!

- Amazing graphics: Death Idle Tycoon games has a stunning graphic design!

- Learn more recipes to expand your tycoon empire and manage your business! Get new cards and recipes to earn more cash! Then with your idle earnings, open new franchises in idle tycoon games! Become the richest in the whole underworld playing clicker games.

- Use boosters to earn more earnings!

If you want to become rich in this idle tycoon games you should boost your earnings! Get your speed improvements in the store and buy recipes!

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Unlimited Mony

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