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عملاق تجارة النفط: مصنع الغاز 4.1.9 + مهكرة

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اسم عملاق تجارة النفط: مصنع الغاز
حزمة net.alexplay.petroleum_tycoon
الإصدار 4.1.9
يتطلب Android 4.1
وضع اللعبة OFFLINE

Have you ever dreamed of mining oil, forming your very own petroleum empire, and earning billions of dollars? Now, you can. Welcome to Oil Tycoon, the miner simulator game where you extract oil across the globe, sell it, build gas idle factories, and make your fortune!

Your road to riches starts in your backyard, where you first strike oil! From here, and with your first pump, you begin your oil miner mission. Oil Tycoon boasts awesome idle gameplay where you tap and build to slowly forge a petroleum empire unlike any that’s come before. After successfully mining your first batch of oil, it’s time to sell up and upgrade, which means you’re off to the stock market. Here, you monitor prices and make sure you sell up at the optimum moment to make bank!

Once you’re richer than a gold mine, it’s time to upgrade! Now, you can install new barrels, move into gas production, or explore new areas and continue mining! There are thousands of upgrades and new ventures to get stuck into, providing you can take a break from mining.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new locations as you mine and extract your way across the world. Imagine building a factory in the depths of Siberia, installing underwater gas works, and hiring a lunar miner! The possibilities for your tycoon empire are endless, and the only limit is your entrepreneurial talents.

You’re going to make billions with your oil because now you have everything an oil miner needs to do so. Get out there, get sellin’, and become a true Oil Tycoon.

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