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Do you dream about your own gentle garden? Your journey starts here! On the grounds of a forgotten countryside mansion lies a land waiting for you to restore to its former glory. What wonders will you discover? Collect, merge and evolve items in this fun merge game! Solve a match 3 puzzle to collect rare & fabulous mergical rewards!

Alongside your trusty sidekick, Gatsby the Hedgehog, you’ll explore a world of enchanting wildlife and mystical items as you dream up the most stunning gentle garden and country mansion there is.


- Discover hundreds of wonderful items and create a garden unparalleled in its beauty.
- Decorate it your way. Merge three of a kind to evolve them into superior items!
- Heal new land, uncovering the hidden world of the gentle garden, lost objects and mystery eggs.
- Open a free reward chest every day, filled with mergical treasures.
- Challenge your mind by completing quests beyond your mansion’s garden to earn even more rewards!


- Test your solving puzzle skills by completing hundreds of Match 3 puzzle levels.
- Pop and blast 3D blocks for irresistible combos that will leave you wanting more.
- Earn rewards for your garden at each level.


- Watch your wildlife grow! Collect rare creatures to live in your gentle garden.
- Win gems, coins and wood to buy more items at the shop.
- Collect and interact with mysterious eggs and hatch mythical creatures.


- Start your restoration by working on a small plot at the gates of the mansion.
- Clear fog to unlock and reveal secrets inside the new areas, with vast expanses of land.
- Customize your garden in whichever way you like. Do you prefer a quaint, gentle garden or an ornate one? Or perhaps your style is modern?

If you have comments, ideas or suggestions we’d love to receive them at

What are you waiting for? Start now your mergical journey: merge, match & collect to create your dream mansion garden!

معلومات مهكرة

Unlimited gold and diamonds

الميزات الجديدة

Here's an exciting Merge Gardens update! - 40 new puzzles! - New puzzle element: Vases - Tons of performance improvements for a smoother experience

تنزيل Merge Gardens

تحميل apk - 290 MB
تحميل apk - 234 MB

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