Skimeister (FULL) 1.1.0


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يتطلبAndroid 5.0+

Skimeister is a ski tracking app that records and analyses your skiing and snowboarding sessions. With a single press of a button, Skimeister identifies your location and records your skiing tracks as you ski, automatically splitting the session into ski tracks and lifts with related statistics.

Skimeister displays your tracks on a map as you ski, displays your speed and height as a graph, shows you real-time statistics such as speed, altitude and distance, and calculates and displays key statistics including max speed, ski vertical and ski distance. The real-time display can be customised from over 40 parameters, and statistics for the ski session and each ski run and lift are recorded for later analysis.

Skimeister is offered as a free version to record and review a single session. An in-app purchase will upgrade you to the full version to enable review and analysis of multiple sessions, permit the backup and restore of Skimeister data to your Google Drive and activate battery savings options.

Note: internet access is required for some features (detailed mapping, named location and Google Drive access). Skimeister uses GPS tracking which can be a significant drain on your battery - the full version has battery saving features to extend the life of your battery.

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Updated to work with Oreo. Bug fixes.

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