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It's a stickman figures physics sandbox, a constructor and a virtual stress relief toy with active ragdolls.

There's a secret complex hidden deep underground. Some people say it has been built long time ago, before the first world war, others say it's an international global experiment. But in the end it all doesn't matter. Once you take a ride on elevator – it's a road to one end. Dismount a very long stair and realize that this awful place is just some surreal playground, where the worst bandits and other criminals of the world are being turned into living dolls and unknown powers torture and mutilate them for their evil sins.

This game is also previously known as Untitled Ragdoll Game.

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🔥🪛 Hotfixes: — Fixed custom weapons bullet trails ✨ Added in-game content sharing — Fixed being stuck on upload screen — Fixed workshop not opening after using reset — Added content tags — Added author content tab — Fixed downloaded poses not playing — Moved icons cache to separate folder 🔫 Added firearms size affecting projectiles 💥 Added explosives size affecting explosions 🩸 Added blood color parameter to options ⚙️ Improved and reorganized options

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تحميل apk - 105 MB

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