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upday is your independent, free news app with 25+ million monthly users across 34 countries and it's preinstalled on all Samsung smartphones.

Combining highly innovative technology and journalistic expertise, upday offers readers a bite-size overview of the most important, up-to-the-minute local and global news headlines plus trending stories curated to your preferences and reading history.

Why upday?
• Choose from 35 country editions in local languages
• Your republic news: Read local news, as well as regional and global news
• Receive push notifications on breaking news
• Read nightly news and breaking news as summaries in the daily briefings
• Get recommended articles based on your interests loaded automatically
• Choose from categories such as Culture, Tech, Life & Style, Music and Sport
• Benefit from regular updates of the app functions
• Block sources, save or share articles
• Start now. No registration required

Local editors across Europe select the most relevant news from over 5,000 integrated sources (local and international) and summarise the most important articles in short sentences. All sources are hand-checked and meet journalistic standards.

And thanks to our breaking headlines notifications, you can stay up-to-date with the latest online news and current affairs when they happen.

By the way: upday has its own European football channel.

TOP NEWS - the latest news stories at a glance.
Read summarised, curated news from local upday editors across Europe. Our experienced editorial team works around-the-clock scanning news sources and social media to bring you the most essential breaking local and international news. To read further, simply click on the card to access the original article in full and direct from the publisher’s site.

MY NEWS – your personalised newsfeed.
My News combines technology with your own personal preferences to scan over 5,000 news websites and blogs, resulting in a personalised feed of articles you’re most likely to read and enjoy. We take this responsibility seriously, so it is important our readers are only provided with the most important news that’s guaranteed to be trustworthy. By doing this, you can be confident that our daily news is of highest quality while meeting the highest journalistic standards.

upday – Big news in short time.
As an advanced news app, upday offers you the latest news stories and articles from a variety of publishers, magazines and newspapers such as BBC News, The Guardian, The Independent, The Sun and a lot more.

Follow upday on social for all the latest news:
Facebook: /upday
Twitter: @updayuk
Instagram: /updayuk

Info for Samsung users: upday was originally developed in cooperation between Axel Springer and Samsung as an in-house news app and is accordingly pre-installed on all Samsung smartphones. (Open Samsung Free > Click the "Read" category).
In addition, you can download upday on all Android devices.

Your feedback is very important to us: Send us an email with your opinion, questions or suggestions to feedback@upday.com.

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