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★ Minimalist & Super Fast

1M Size, uses minimal resources. Very smooth and fast.

★ Ad Blocking

Super ad blocking ability, helping you to remove 80% of malicious ads. Support importing and subscribing to third-party blocking rules.

★ Video Sniffing

Super video sniffing capability, easy to save Internet videos.

★ User Script

Build-in Support GreaseMonkey and Tampermonkey user script. Greatly improved browser capabilities.

★ Security and Privacy

Only very few permissions are requested, no background residency services, no push services, and very many security and privacy options are provided.

★ Autofill forms

Fill out forms automatically with saved info, like your user name,passwd,address etc.

★ Personalized Customization

Provide a large number of personalization options, appearance, gestures, shortcuts, etc. Can be adjusted according to your preference.

معلومات مهكرة

- Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Lithuanian, Chinese
- Removed analytics, debug information
- Doesn't hang in active processes after exit

الميزات الجديدة

## Optimization Optimize the compatibility of ad blocking rules Optimize video sniffing to improve the accuracy of identifying video sources. Pop-up confirmation alert when form page is refreshed Updated Russian translation, thanks to Timofey Lisunov Update Arabic translation,thanks to Ali Alnajafi ## Fix bugs Fix the crash problem caused by saving images in some cases Fixed the problem that downloading files could not get the correct file name suffix in some cases.

تنزيل XBrowser - Mini & Super fast

تحميل apk - 1 MB

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